You Are What You Wear: Your Fashion, Your Identity
You Are What You Wear: Your Fashion, Your Identity

Identity is someone’s distinguishing character or personality, and the way we dress speaks and portrays who we are.

There is a relationship between what our wardrobe contains and our sense of self; from the colours we choose, to the shoes and handbags and all the other accessories that we pick. Who we are can be embedded in our style. And, because we are all unique, our sense of style and indeed our identity is formed and shaped by our environment, from our family and friends, school, community and everything in between! 

Your identity is a bag inspired by all these things. So when you choose functional design that can be used in formal and casual events, their  minimal, simple and clean lines will  be part of your fashion statement and will show the world who you are through your  visual and aesthetic representation.

Many people have said that clothes are just that-clothes. But, if clothes do not make the person, then why is there so much attention to the detail in every article of clothing? The texture, shape, and colour of each item is developed thoughtfully. Clothes are designed to express individuality through the wearer, rather than be something that everybody will have in their closet. And that is why many people prefer to wear bespoke, custom made clothes rather than take them off the rack. They attempt to remain the unique person that they are, reflecting their own sense of style! Whether it is a sense of confidence in corporate wear, feeling relaxed in lounge wear, or countless other situations, each clothing item should be unique to the specific wearer and situation, reflecting who they are, or who they want to be perceived as.

We all have a public self, and a private self, a private life outside of work and the life at work or the public spaces that we occupy. We should enjoy the clothes we find ourselves to be comfortable in; even though certain professions require certain standards that we  should abide by for our clothes every day, at work. Anything considered inappropriate is frowned upon. But then, anything considered inappropriate for your station in life will still be frowned upon even in your private life! 

Our dress communicates without words. Whether we like it or not, people will judge us by our appearance. While we shouldn’t let our self-confidence be affected by the opinions people have of us, what we receive from people throughout our lives will have a huge impact on shaping our identity. There are many misconceptions about appearances, but it is up to us to change them and discover and portray our identity using fashion. 

Your image plays a big part in what people will think about you. The way you dress tells a lot about yourself. American psychologist and style guru Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner aptly put it when she stated in her book You Are What You Wear:

 “Our clothing is the physical representation of our perceptions, our dissatisfactions, and our desires. When we look beyond the physical to our internal workings, we can create a change at the core. Unlike change that occurs in therapy, these difficult internal examinations are softened by the light of the wardrobe makeover . . . Taking care of yourself begins with self-discovery. The clothing you put on your back is an incredibly accurate indicator of what you think of yourself and your life. Cracking open the closet doors can lead to great insight. When you strive toward self-discovery, improvement often follows. Wearing clothing that makes you feel comfortable, happy, and good about yourself really does make life better” 

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