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Fashion and Creating You

Clothes are the outer expression of our interests, vocations, memories and relationships. They can be an expression of who we truly are.  In a 2012 experiment, Adam D. Galinsky and Hajo Adam examined the effects of the participant’s attention towards wearing a lab coat and found that in the first…

You Are What You Wear: Your Fashion, Your Identity

Identity is someone’s distinguishing character or personality, and the way we dress speaks and portrays who we are. There is a relationship between what our wardrobe contains and our sense of self; from the colours we choose, to the shoes and handbags and all the other accessories that we pick.…

Your Fashion, Your Story

Fashion and story-telling have always been intertwined. Through fashion, a certain narrative is pushed and that can be about anything!  Fashion is walking art and from way back in time, art has been used as a tool for escape from the realities around u. Other times, just like music and…

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